Bindi Ne Demek

1-) Kemerler üzerine oturtulmuş kubbe ile kemerlerin arasını kapatan üçgen biçimindeki kubbe parçalarından her biri, Hintli kadınların kaşlarının arasına yapıştırdıkları süs, Destek, hamil,

2-) Destek, hamil.

Diğer Dillerdeki Anlamı

  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Body treatment combining exfoliation, herbal treatment and light massage.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Bodywork combining exfoliation, herbal treatment, and light massage.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Reusable, adhesive, decoration that is used by women and placed on the forehead between the eyebrows a traditional ornament that was used for women to symbolize that they are married is not used by women of all ages to add color and pizzazz to their outfit Choli - Short top that hits right above the belly Churidar - Fitted pants with extremely narrow legs that have extra length so they gather by the ankle Dupatta - Long scarf that can be worn around the neck, draped on the shoulders or held around the arms Jodhpuri - Styled in the Indian city of Jodhpur Khadi - A type of raw silk Kundan - Delicate beads that are made from metals and are hollow Kurta - A long shirt worn by men Lehnga - A long skirt with a matching top and a scarf Matar mala - Necklace beads that resemble small peas Moajdi - Indian shoes for men Sherwani - Men's suits that include a long jacket and matching pants Zardosi - Silk embroidery in a authentic pattern.

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