Prolog Ne Demek

1-) Önsöz, Mukaddime, Bir Eserin Başina Yazilan Uzun Bir Giriş.

2-) Ön deyiş.

3-) Başlangıç, önsöz, giriş bölümü, prolog

4-) prolog

5-) i. 1. prolog, öndeyiş. 2. to (başka bir olayın) habercisi/provası.

Diğer Dillerdeki Anlamı

  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Prologue.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Extraneous bytes at the beginning of a signal file that are not to be read as samples Signal files created using the WFDB library do not contain prologs, but signal files created using other means may contain prologs To read such a signal file using the WFDB library, provided that the sample data are in a supported format, it is sufficient to record the length of the prolog in the appropriate locations in a header file that names the signal file If you need to create such a header file, refer to the description of the byte offset field in header or see section wfdbsetstart.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Programming language; name derived from 'Programming in Logic'.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = The beginning of the generated file, before the template.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Acronym for Programming in Logic PROLOG was developed by A Colmerauer and P Roussel at the university of Aix-Marseille in 1971 It was designed for natural-language processing but has become one of the most widely used languages for artificial intelligence.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Prologue , prolog.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = Computer language designed in Europe to support natural language processing.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = The part of an XML document that precedes the XML data The prolog includes the declaration and an optional DTD.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = The optional beginning portion of an XML document prior to the document's content.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = The original logic programming language.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = 12/97Progenitor logic programming language, 1977.
  • İngilizcesi İngilizce = The part of a document that contains information about the document, most notably the DTD.

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